Many applications, particularly in the fields of:
  • Valve tightness (chemistry, petrochemistry, nuclear, etc.)
  • Industrial maintenance
  • Servicing of parts and equipment
  • Valves and fittings...

Lapping intervenes for the finish of your mechanical components or the preparation of a polishing operation.

Lapping allows you to obtain a surface condition with a defined roughness and/or inherent flatness. This operation can take place during the production of parts or within the maintenance operations (example : mechanical seals for valves).


LAM PLAN lapping and polishing machines have been developed with the products of our patented LAM PLAN M’M’ system. The LAM PLAN range of lapping and polishing machines respond to multiple lapping and polishing applications. These machines will respond to the market’s demand in terms of high quality polishing flattening of surfaces inferior to a micron. The wide spectrum of the proposed versions allows treating parts of all dimensions, from micro mechanic to sealing parts measuring several decimetres.

All equipment

  • M.M.8400

  • M.M.8600

  • M.M.8380 version E / S

  • M.M.8700 version E / S / S HP

  • M.M.9700 version S

  • M.M.8100 version E / S / EC

  • M.M.8120 version E / S

  • M.M.8150 version E / S

  • MASTERLAM® Evolution

  • M.M.2380

  • Machine accessories

  • Dosing pumps

  • Plates & fixing discs

  • Washing, cleaning & protective products


    LAM PLAN, designer and manufacturer of a full range of lapping and polishing supports to cover all your requirements in terms of material removal, surface finish and flatness.

    All supports

    • Lapping plates

    • Manual lapping plates

    • Lapping rods

    • Abrasive films

    • TOUCHLAM® discs

    • DIALAM diamond discs & dressing rings


      With our range of consumables, you will have the assurance of repeatable results on all materials used in the industry.

      All consumables

      • Diamond abrasive

      • Lubricants

      • Abrasive compound

      • Additives, lubrificants, oils

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